Services and Pricing

Family Law / Wills, Estates, and Personal PlanningEstate Administration (Probate)Committeeship Applications

  • Flat fee pricing based on a pre-agreed upon amount
  • One time fee, limited to a time frame or specific task (also called limited or unbundled services)
  • Hourly Rates (low bono scaled to income) 
  • Monthly subscription fee

Here are some basic pricing options we offer (excluding disbursement and taxes). Please note that these prices are a guideline and may vary depending on the complexity of the matter and number of drafts required. Our aim is to provide you with transparency in our billing practices

Family Law

Basic Cohabitation or Marriage (Pre-Nup) Agreement
Starting from $1900 + taxes +disbursements
(includes consult, two basic drafts and sign off) 

Basic Separation Agreement
Starting from $2200 + taxes + disbursements

Desk Order Divorce (with children)
Starting from $2400 + taxes + disbursements

Desk Order Divorce (without children)
Starting from $1900 + taxes + disbursements

Wills, Estates and Personal Planning Documents

Simple Will
Starting from $350 + taxes + disbursements

Mirrored Wills (Couple) 

Starting from $700 + taxes + disbursements 

Power of Attorney
Starting from $350 + taxes + disbursements

Representation Agreement (R.9)
Starting from $350 + taxes + disbursements

Nomination of Committee
Starting from $350 + taxes + disbursements

Basic Estate/Personal Planning Package
Single: $1500 + taxes + disbursements Couple:+$2500 taxes + disbursements


  • Simple will + Power of attorney + Representation agreement
  • Review of Insurance Policies and Beneficial Designations
  • Two Consultations and sign off 

Blended Family Estate/Personal Planning Package
Starting at $3500 + taxes + disbursements

Cohabitation or Marriage agreement + Power of Attorney + Representation Agreement + Nomination of Committee + Will

Estate Administration (Probate)

Basic Grant of Probate/Administration Application
Starting from $3500 + taxes + disbursements

Committeeship Applications

Basic Committeeship Application

Starting from $3900 + taxes + disbursements